Return to a Sexy Island

 Return to a Sexy Island Poster

I just love it when Singapore is featured in documentaries because it gives that sense of familiarity when comparisons and analogies with “Singapore” subjects are used. (I have never seen the Eiffel Tower before, but I have seen the Marina Bay Sands.) So it does make me smile when there is an entire documentary series about Singapore! This is gonna be fun!

Singapore got sexy and the country’s best-selling author got jealous. After five years chasing echidnas and platypuses in Australia, Neil Humphreys returns to Singapore to see if the rumours are true.

– Book Foreword


Well would you look at that, I would have never come across his book, but then it was made into a documentary? Now that got my attention straight away.

– KJ

A fresh edition to the Channel News Asia program lineup, this documentary series hits home, literally! With a different host, this series could have been very dry and rigid, making us inclined to think that there was government intervention (joking…). Neil Humphrey, with his witty and honest character, really deserves the credit for connecting with the audience. He is able to deliver the content effective, even though sometimes views may be conflicting. His ability to draw upon exposures in foreign countries does help validate his statements and give new perspectives to our Singapore scene.

For First-Time Documentary Viewers

Return to a Sexy Island will be like a breath of fresh air. If you think you know Singapore, see this series, then think again. A documentary both entertaining and informative, with its subject completely on Singapore, what more can you ask for?

– KJ

Pictures of Interest

One Viewer’s Comment

If you had watched “Return to a Sexy Island”, comment below and you may see it here! =)


If you are a Singaporean, you have to watch this!

– KJ

“Return to a Sexy Island” will be shown on Channel News Asia at 8:30pm every Saturday.

You can catch up on missed episodes here.

Do like their Facebook page and if the documentary does spark your interest, do consider buying the book in support of Neil Humphreys and lets all hope that he will produce more of such documentaries in the future!

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