Fever Night Fever Night Fever…

Fever Night Fever Night Fever Featured ImageHaving any Retro-themed parties soon? Got your groove on? Then visit National Geographic Channel Asia’s Facebook’s 80s app.Get Your 80s Groove On Photo Contest Promotional Banner

To bring further hype to the premiere of “The 80s: The Time of Our Lives”, Nat Geo has just announced a new contest for fans to win a Beats Solo HD Headphones. Just upload a photo of the THEME – Outrageous 80s Outfits onto their Facebook’s 80s app to participate.

I am always a fan of opportunities to get free things, and this is awesome on Nat Geo’s part, which had, for the past few weeks, marketed heavily for the film’s premiere.

I look forward to it and you should too! “The 80s: The Time of Our Lives” will premiere on National Geographic (StarHub Channel 411) on May 13 at 10pm.

*This news post was done with the accompaniment of vanilla ice. (Ice Ice Baby~ Dan Dan. Dan Dan Dan. Dan Dan Dan.)

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