Giant Squid (Mind Bomb #001)

Giant Squid (Mind Bomb #001) Featured ImageMyths and legends about giant sea creatures sinking ships and eating Pinocchio have always intrigued the minds of children. Some of whom have grown up in the pursuit of such creatures.

With the sea’s ability to slightly negate the strength of gravity (buoyancy) and its eternal depth, scientists and biologists from all over the world are encouraged by the fact that we know more of space than of our 7 seas.

If you have clicked on this post because of that amazing picture, you should know have the thought that such myths and legends may be inspired more by nature than the imagination.

Image: Still image taken from video shows a giant squid near Ogasawara islandsGiant Squid 2

Check this video below on a talk about such adventures into uncovering the secrets of our oceans!

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