Stone Forest (Mind Bomb #005)

Stone Forest (Mind Bomb #005) Featured ImageDeep in the land of Madagascar, Alex the lion and his friends were lucky to not get stuck in this landscape. Called Tsingy – which means “where one cannot walk barefoot” in Malagasy language – this UNESCO World Heritage Site has taken the breathe away from everyone who had first seen the pictures.

It’s a forest made of stone!

The Tsingy – a.k.a. Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve – was caused by the erosion of limestones, but it must had been a perfect storm to cause the topography to become the way it is!



Now I know where my games get their idea! Tip: Don’t look down and try not to fall!

Descending 70m down, you will be able to see wild bird, plants, lemars and more that are unique to this area. Enjoy this pictures below =)

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