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New To View on BBC Knowledge August Featured ImageBelow is the whole line-up of new programs/series on the BBC Knowledge Asia for the month of August.

Glastonbury 2013 Highlights

Party to the world’s largest annual open-air music festival on your big screen!

2cg230000001000Premieres Friday 9 August at 9.55am (SIN/HK).

Full Description: The world’s largest annual open-air music festival enthralled massive crowds last month. Relive some of the magic, with pulsating sets from such musical heavyweights as Arctic Monkeys, Rita Ora, Vampire Weekend, Portishead, Primal Scream.

China on Four Wheels

2 intrepid journalists, 2 different routes, 1 fascinating country.

2cg240000001000Premieres 11 August. Sundays at 8.55pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: Intrepid journalists Justin Rowlatt and Anita Rani drive through China, taking two very different routes that highlight the complex nature of this fascinating country. Anita travels through the rich industrialised cities of eastern China, the land of self-made billionaires with fleets of super cars. While Justin’s route takes him inland to a more rural China, where several million people still live in caves and donkeys are the most common means of transport.

As they navigate their way through congested cities and winding mountain roads, Justin and Anita explore whether the country’s economic growth – typified by its massive car industry – can be sustained, and what impact it will have on the day-to-day lives of the Chinese people and on the rest of the world.

Jungle Gremlins of Java

The secrets of the viciously adorable slow loris

2cg250000001000Premieres Thursday 15 August at 9.50pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: The little-known slow loris is the original gremlin. It looks incredibly cute but is the only primate with venom that can kill. Dr Anna Nekaris travels to the jungles of Java to investigate the reason for its deadly poison.

Top Gear Week

A whole week of awesome Top Gear programming ! Is there a need for a phrase?!?!?! Just one, MUST WATCH!!!!


Monday 19 – Sunday 25 August

Full Description: A televisual treat for petrol heads everywhere, Top Gear Week brings an entire week of high-octane entertainment that has become synonymous with the world’s most popular motoring show. Enjoy classic Top Gear moments alongside brand new challenges, all delivered with a dose of the gang’s irreverent sense of humour.

For the full line-up of Top Gear Week, CLICK HERE!

Million Dollar Intern

Giving breathes of fresh air to stale businesses, bringing them to life!

2cg1k0000001000Premieres 26 August. Mondays at 9.50pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: Tapping into the creativity and dynamism of a new generation of young entrepreneurs, Million Dollar Intern sees business whiz kids from around the world go to work for a week at the bottom rung of flagging businesses in an effort to re-energise them.

Disguised as ordinary interns, the entrepreneurs monitor the companies from the inside – in between making cups of coffee and doing menial tasks. With the innocence of youth as cover, they gain the confidence of the staff and start unravelling where problems lie. After they finally reveal their true credentials, they attempt to get business booming again with a raft of inspiring ideas.

James May’s Things You Need to Know (S2)

Become a know-it-all at a topic in less than 30mins with James “Captain Slow” May

2cg260000001000Premieres 28 August. Wednesdays at 10.45pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: In this authoritative series, James May grapples questions we would all love to know the answers to, such as how big was the Big Bang, is there life on Mars and when will we be able to travel in time?

Covering the human body, the universe and the sky above, each episode reveals facts that are fascinating, surprising and sometimes downright bizarre, while archive footage, animation and motion graphics provide entertaining and informative viewing.

Nature’s Microworlds

Look close enough and you will see a new world, watch Nature’s Microworlds and you will see its wonder in HD!

2cg270000001000Premieres 29 August. Thursdays at 8.55pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: Travelling across the world, this fascinating series investigates such microworlds as the islands of Galapagos, the grasslands of the Serengeti and the Amazon rainforest to discover the key to life in each of them.

Delve deep into the heart of these habitats, as each intricate ecosystem is broken down into all of its component parts, introducing the animals that live there, and revealing the fine balances of their existence.

Secrets of Our Living Planet

Put away that science textbook and watch this to learn about how habitats and its inhabitants interact with one another. Nothing better than watching it in action (except of course seeing it firsthand)

2cg280000001000Premieres 29 August. Thursdays at  9.50pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: All over the world, and in the most unlikely of places, life thrives. This fascinating series reveals how Earth’s most crucial habitats actually work. Travelling the globe to discover the secrets of jungles, grasslands, forests and water worlds, it explores why such habitats are so special, using cutting-edge filming techniques to capture the unique relationships between animals and plants.

For more information regarding any of the programs listed, please visit BBC Knowledge Asia.

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