New to View in August on National Geographic Channel Asia

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New To View on National Geographic August Featured ImageBelow is the whole line-up of new programs/series on the National Geographic Channel Asia for the month of August.

King Fishers

This is one for all the fishing enthusiast out there! Check out all the skills displayed by expert fishermen and try them at East Coast Park or the next time you go prawning? Maybe? Haha!

28265.FlashPanelPremieres 7 August. Wednesday at 10:00pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: Some say competitive fishing is the best sport in the world. But with so many fishermen and so many fishing disciplines how can we find out who is best of the best?

This competition isn’t just about who catches the most and who catches the biggest. It’s also about who hosts the ultimate fishing trip. Each competitor will be proficient in a very different fishing discipline: fly fishing, spear fishing, noodling for instance – and they’ll be tasked with laying on the perfect experience. However, one man’s noodling might not be anybody else’s cup of tea. Each host will have to work hard to convince the others that their type of fishing is the best. Marks for hosting will be combined with marks for the catch to give each rod-man a total score for the competition – and ultimately one will be crowned our King Fisher. A true King Fisher will be a great leader, a bon-vivant, charismatic as well as being a winner with the rod. He will be able to put together the best fishing trip with the most exciting lodgings and post-fishing evening entertainment.

Visit the King Fishers Official Site

Touching the Dragon

We have seen documentaries of humans with near magical friendships with various animals (Gorillas, Lions, etc), all of which are unbelievable and good for the soul~ Seeing is believing, so watch Touch the Dragon and be enlightened.

1562151_chitos-beloved-crocodile_hwwyxckihmhvobi7tlbfpyio27ncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x455Premieres 16 August. Friday at 09:45am (SIN/HK).

Full Description: A simple thought took photojournalist Roger Horrocks halfway around the world to Costa Rica on a mission to find Chito, a man many referred to as the “crocodile shaman.” Many years ago, Chito nursed an injured crocodile, which he calls Pocho, back to health. Since then, the two formed an unthinkable bond. Touching the Dragon examines this astonishing relationship between the earth’s most ancient predator and a unique man, one that defies the boundaries of the natural world.

Visit the Touching The Dragon Official Site

I Wouldn’t go in There

Are you a scare junkie or curious of the supernatural? Then catch this highly anticipated series. See below for the very interesting trailer!

28941.FlashPanelPremieres 23 August. Friday at 10:00pm (SIN/HK).

Full Description: Robert Joe (RJ) – urban explorer and blogger – tracks down true and often untold stories hidden behind Asia’s most notorious haunted sites. RJ’s hypothesis: behind every haunted location and tale of paranormal encounters with ghosts or demons, there’s a real story waiting to be uncovered – a true story even more terrifying than the strangest fiction. Using a combination of gumshoe detective work and modern technology, he explores the places many fear to tread, with one burning question: what really happened here?

Visit the I Wouldn’t go in There Official Site

For more information regarding any of the programs listed, please visit National Geographic Channel Asia.

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