Pawn Stars in Singapore

FI - Event Highlight - Pawn Stars In SingaporeI went down to Star Vista today for a meet-and-greet session with Rick and Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars, both of whom are currently on their Asia tour through Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia to promote History Channel’s highest rated show. Missed the event? Here’s all the highlights and find out how you can win some great Pawn Stars Merchandise below!

Despite registrations starting at 12pm, fans have already started lining up since 9.30am in order to get a good view of the event. By the time I reach the mall at 10.30am, there were already 20 people in front of me, which was fortunate, as the first 30 fans will have the privilege to have their pictures taken with the Harrisons.

Pawn Stars Asia Tour CrowdGlenn and Jasminne from Class 95 FM also came as the host of the event to get the crowd excited and rowdy for the arrival of the Harrisons, which was delayed by half an hour. Goodie bags were won by answering simple questions, and there was even a Yoga pose contest, which was very random in my opinion.

The event then went on to showcase the skills of Rick Harrison as he estimated the value of 2 items that were brought in.

Next, a lucky guy named Vincent went on to win the trip with the Pawn Stars team to the next stage in their Asia Tour in Malaysia. And then everyone was a winner when the photo taking opportunity was extended to more than 100 fans rather than the initial 30 (including me).

Before leaving, I also visited the 2 other booths that were promoting the new season of Counting Cars and Vikings, a very expensive (>US$40m) production. I’ll provide more details on them in a future New to View Segment.

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