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Hey guys, September is upon us, so its time for another New To View segment on OKJ Discoveries!

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Special thanks to BBC Knowledge for all the images and information. You should check out the official BBC Knowledge Asia websiteFacebook page and Twitter (@BBCKnow_Asia).

Also check out New To View on History (September) and New To View on National Geographic Channel (September).

The British

The British

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Premieres on: 1 September 2013 (Sunday), 8:55pm (SIN/HK)

Description: The British is a big, ambitious and gripping series about the history of the British Isles from Stonehenge to World War Two, the Roman occupation to the discovery of penicillin.

This seven part series is both popular and important, working for a wide audience. It’s designed for everyone: content-rich enough to satisfy the most passionate history buffs, enticing for those who are interested in British history but don’t know that much about it, and dramatically exciting for a generation used to feature films and computer games.

Each episode has six dramatised stories – tipping points in history when things really change. These are extraordinary tales of human endeavour, struggles against huge odds and triumphs of the human spirit, inspiring invention and innovation, grit and heroism. The drama is stirring and passionate.

Expedition Wolf

Expedition Wolf

Premieres on: 5 September 2013 (Thursday), 10:45pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Once shot to the brink of extinction, wild wolves are now returning to the United States with a vengeance. They are crossing the Canadian border and tension is mounting.

In this two part special, a team of scientists and expert filmmakers venture deep into Washington’s wilderness to spy on these new arrivals. Sleeping rough, they track invading wolf packs throughout the year using dog sled teams, skidoos and snowshoes.

Are wolves re-invading the American countryside? What do wolves need to survive? And what happens when these animals collide head on with the local human population? Expedition Wolf goes in search of the answers.

Orbit - Earth's Extraordinary Journey - Episode 1 - Spin

Orbit – Earth’s Extraordinary Journey

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Premieres on: 17 September 2013 (Tuesday), 9:50pm (SIN/HK)

Description: For the first time ever, this astonishing three episode series, presented by wildlife expert Kate Humble and physicist Dr Helen Czerski, charts the entire progress of Earth as it undertakes it’s incredible annual journey.

From stunning space imagery to in-your-face storm chasing, this series will showcase the incredible power of our seasons and weather, and what drives them to both incredible creation and devastating destruction.

Bang Goes The Theory - Series 6 - Generics

Bang Goes The Theory

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Premieres on: 18 September 2013 (Wednesday), 10:45pm (SIN/HK) *Double Episode Premiere*

Description: Content-rich, current and authoritative, yet full of high energy, irreverence and humour, this is the series that explains the world we live in, and what’s going to change it. Bang Goes The Theory (series 6) provides a blend of family-relevant stories, spectacular stunts, future-facing items, competitive team challenges and street science.

The series is hosted by a gang of presenters who are passionate about science and happy to share their knowledge, banter and experiments – there’s warm, assured Liz with a biochemistry degree and masters in zoology; inventor and hands-on constructor and engineer Jem, with an amazing ability to explain scientific principles for a lay audience; drama graduate Dallas who has a passion for popularising science; and finally Yan – Richard Dawkins’ former researcher with a PhD in evolutionary biology, and a fan of extreme sports and adventure.

Wild Chimpanzee, primate, pan troglodytes, Kyambura Gorge

Chimps of the Lost Gorge

Premieres on: 19 September 2013 (Thursday), 10:45pm (SIN/HK)

Description: In the heart of the Albertine Rift, the Kyambura Gorge cuts through the savannah like a deep, jagged scar. Lions stalk the shadows of its ancient virgin forest, elephants move silently along well-trodden paths and hippos and crocodiles frequent the icy river that rushes along the floor. Through the rainy season and the dry, this one off special follows a very special family of chimps that were trapped here by encroaching villages 10 years ago.

Lacking the courage to walk the eight kilometres across the human-occupied terrain that separates them from their rich forest home, Chimps of the Lost Gorge sees Kyambura chimps eke out a living from their tiny territory. But the harsh conditions have taken their toll and the once-proud and vivacious clan is now down to just 20. Inbreeding has already started and if they don’t escape the family will self destruct. Humans could intervene and build them a forest corridor – but that would take 20 years.

Galapagos (3)


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Premieres on: 26 September 2013 (Thursday), 9:50pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Presented by the legendary David Attenborough, this four-part series explores the islands that changed the world. The Galapagos is a living laboratory – a geological conveyor belt that has given not only birth to and seen the death of many species of plants and animals, but one which has changed our whole understanding of life on Earth.

Presented in a new, ground-breaking visual style combined with exhilarating cinematography and breathtaking graphics, this landmark new series examines the spectacular variety of wildlife and evokes the different characters of the islands and their history.

Meet the Sloths

Meet The Sloths

Premieres on: 26 September 2013 (Thursday), 10:45pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Take a wild ride into the truly bizarre world of the sloths in this humorous, heartwarming and hugely entertaining one-off special on BBC Knowledge!

Meet The Sloths, filmed over the course of a year, captures the kookiness of sanctuary life through the stories of five main sloth characters including Toby, a newcomer to the sanctuary who was rejected by his mum. Toby quickly settles in to sloth school and starts learning how to behave like a sloth, including how to use the ‘poo pole’! It reveals a surprising soap opera of love, loss and lust, with more than a twist of humour, and shows that a sloth’s life is more than just slothful.

Secret Millionaire USA Series 3 (1)

Secret Millionaire USA (Series 3)

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Premieres on: 30 September 2013 (Monday), 8:55pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Secret Millionaire follows some of America’s wealthiest people for one week as they leave behind their families and lavish lifestyles and conceal their true identities.

They will live and volunteer in some of the most impoverished and dangerous communities in America. Surviving on welfare wages, their mission is to discover the unsung heroes of America – deserving individuals who continually sacrifice everything to help those in need.  Throughout this incredible experience, the Secret Millionaires will attempt to remain undiscovered, coming face to face with extraordinary people battling the odds every day of their lives.

On the final day, in an emotional and dramatic climax, they reveal their true identities and will ultimately give away a portion of their own money, changing lives forever.

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