New To View on National Geographic Channel (September)

Hey guys, September is upon us, so its time for another New To View segment on OKJ Discoveries!

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Special thanks to National Geographic Channel for all the images and information. You should check out the official National Geographic Channel websiteFacebook page and Twitter (@NatGeo_Asia).

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I wouldn't go in there (1)

I Wouldn’t Go In There

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Premieres on: 6 September 2013 (Friday), 11:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: In I Wouldn’t Go in There Robert Joe (RJ) – urban explorer and blogger -tracks down true and often untold stories hidden behind Asia’s most notorious haunted sites. RJ’s hypothesis: behind every haunted location and tale of paranormal encounters with ghosts or demons, there’s a real story waiting to be uncovered -a true story even more terrifying than the strangest fiction. Using a combination of gumshoe detective work and modern technology, he explores the places many fear to tread, with one burning question: what really happened here?

The Miracle of The 9 11 Surfer

The Miracle of The 9/11 Surfer

Premieres on: 8 September 2013 (Sunday), 9:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: The Miracle of The 9/11 Surfer reveals what could be the last, untold survival story from the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. This is the extraordinary story of 9/11 survivor Pasquale Buzzelli who rode a blizzard of falling debris from a 22nd floor stairwell and lived to tell his story. It features an awe-inspiring account of the events that led to Pasquale’s survival against all the odds and provides new inspiration from one of America’s darkest days.


9/11: Firehouse Ground Zero

Premieres on: 8 September 2013 (Sunday), 10:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: The extraordinary untold story of Ten House, the firehouse right next to the Twin Towers. Its firefighters were the first ones in and the last ones out on 9/11. Using rare archive of the day and dramatic testimony, their courage and sacrifice is revealed. Many lives were saved as a result of their safe evacuation of thousands of office workers. They became New York’s most iconic band of brothers. Though the twin towers were obliterated, the iconic firehouse that served them remained standing. And in surviving, Ten House and its firefighters began a new life as the focus of Americas grief–and pride–for the fallen heroes of 9/11. It is a destination for many thousands of visitors to New York, a living memorial to the Ten House heroes.

Undercover USA (1)

Undercover USA

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Premieres on: 10 September (Tuesday), 11:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Award-winning guerrilla producer Mariana van Zeller takes you inside the nation’s underground networks, criminal gangs and bizarre subcultures. Using a combination of hidden cameras and exclusive access, she’ll penetrate the worlds of the periphery to tap into to what makes these fringe groups tick. Well follow Mariana and her camera-man husband, Darren Foster as they attempt to infiltrate the most elusive groups and to go further underground than they’ve ever gone before. What they’ll uncover are rarely seen worlds that’ll both shock and astound.

Crossing the ice

Explorer Top 125: Crossing The Ice

Premieres on: 14 September 2013 (Saturday), 10:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Dozens of expeditions have failed to reach the South Pole and to return without the assistance of airplanes, dog sleds, or kites. Amateur Australian adventurers Justin Jones and James Castrission attempt to be the first to complete this journey using their own power -and they find themselves racing against Norwegian expert polar explorer Alex Gamme. Dragging 150 kg (331lbs) of gear over 2200 kilometers (1360mi), they face blizzards, frostbite, starvation, and crushing doubt as to if they can accomplish their mission, but their friendship holds to encourage each other on.

Battleground Brothers (1)

Battleground Brothers

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Premieres on: 16 September 2013 (Monday), 10:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Battleground Brothers is a look inside the latest chapter of the Afghan Conflict as seen by the American Marines on the ground in Afghanistan.

Brain Games 2 (2)

Brain Games 2

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Premieres on: 17 September 2013 (Tuesday), 10:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: A three-pound slimy blob has been controlling your every thought, memory, movement and emotion.  Don’t panic –it’s just your brain,that incredibly powerful and efficient super-computer that helps you makes sense out of the world. And it’s time to ask that computer, “Do you want to play a game?”

Brain Games returns with 12 half-hour episodes exploring the inner workings of your brain with interactive games you can play at home, as well as experiments on the streets of a city as complex as your brain –New York. Guiding you through the twists and turns of your gray matter is Jason Silva who will be joined by top experts in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology who will give you the “why” behind the “wow.”  Get in touch with your inner super-computer and let Brain Games blow your mind!

Card Shark

Card Shark

Premieres on: 17 September 2013 (Tuesday), 9.00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Drummond Money-Coutts takes us on a mission to explore the secrets behind advanced card play and card magic, through one of the oldest card tricks in the world: the Three Card Monte. Drummond introduces us to fellow sharks, masters and performers as they exchange methods and examine the psychology of their techniques, and finally challenges himself to come up with his most ambitious stunt yet.

Blow Your Mind

Blow Your Mind

Premieres on: 24 September 2013 (Tuesday), 9:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: Blow Your Mind is the owner’s manual to the most complex machine ever developed. Your brain. You might think you’re aware of what your brain is up to, but the truth is we’re all just passengers along for the ride. In this fascinating and hilarious show, Robert Llewellyn and neuroscience expert, Bruce Hood, use mind-melting real-life experiments, hidden camera stunts, try-at-home tests and top notch animations to uncover the storm of unconscious processes that make up the human mind. On Blow Your Mind the whole world’s a lab and you, the unsuspecting members of the public, are the perfect test subjects.

Sex in the Stone Age

Explorer Top 125: Sex In The Stone Age

Premieres on: 28 September 2013 (Saturday), 10:00pm (SIN/HK)

Description: A fragment of a pinky bone and a tooth twice the size of today’s average molar are the only remnants of a species we now know lived at the same time and place as modern humans-and interbred with them. They are a part of us we never knew existed. What did these “people” look like? And how do they fit into what we thought we knew about our biological development as a species?

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