OKJ at Wacom Event

Hey everyone, thought you would appreciate some behind-the-scene look at the events I go to in order to deliver greater content for you to enjoy.
Unlike my other posts, the writing style for these event highlights will be more casual as I take you to the events I go to from a first person’s perspective.
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An early Thursday morning (19 September 2013), I went down to the Red Dot Museum for a Wacom press event.

Wacom is renown for their graphic tablets and related products, such as styluses. Some of you may even be using their products without realising it – in fact, for those who owns Samsung Galaxy Notes, your S pen is made by Wacom, and so do owners of the Microsoft Surface Pro with it’s stylus pen.

The event focused on not 1, not 2, but 6 new products heading to Singapore as well as their business strategy as they look to expand their presence in the SouthEast Asia market.

I won’t go into much detail on the latter, other than you will feel Wacom’s presence in countries like Singapore and Malaysia very soon and in force as they continuously improve their customer service to the SEA market. So for those graphic designers out there, rejoice!

During the event, I got to check out the various devices on display. (Click to enlarge)

For more information on all the products announced, do visit the official Wacom website (which is beautifully designed btw).

I apologise that I didn’t take any pictures of the Cintiq – had to leave the event early for another meeting halfway through the event.

Also because of that, I missed out on the live demo by Stanley Lau (Co-founder/Creative Director of Imaginary Friends Studios), Willy Foo (CEO & Founding Photographer of Livestudios) and Ben Qwek (Illustrator) – they are big names in the industry, so it is saddening that I couldn’t stay long enough to take some pictures, watch them in action and give you that first person perspective.

I’ll definitely not miss such opportunities in the future! Now, moving on…

I am not a graphic designer, but as a gadget enthusiast, I appreciate great hardware and software. While I won’t be reviewing the Cintiq and Intuos series as I wouldn’t do a good job of it given my lack of expertise, I am pleased to announce that I will be reviewing the Bamboo Pad. It was a door gift/review unit for the event, so much thanks to Wacom for their generosity.

Wacom Bamboo Pad (2)

It does fit well with the The Orange Box‘s focus on consumer products, and unlike the Cintiq and Intuos which will cost you an arm and half a leg, in other words well more than $1000, the Bamboo Pad only costs a mere $79. It is definitely not as powerful as the other products for graphic design, but it will definitely expand the creative aspects of work, such as doodling on notes and hand writings for emails. So do look forward to that! 🙂

Well that’s about it for this event highlight, I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes peak. Do like the post, leave a comment, or like/share this post on your social media, it will go a long way in helping me continue to deliver great content for you!

Till the next post, cya 🙂


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