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I recently went down Junction 8 at Bishan to see an LG roadshow which showcased their new line of Ultra HD televisions.LG-Roadshow-at-Junction-8While being introduced all the features of LG’s Ultra HD line of televisions, I drifted into my own thoughts as I wondered if I will ever need such a large Ultra HD television?For one thing, I felt that the Ultra HD movement of 2013 is much more feasible and substantial of the 3D movement the industry had in 2012, which I shunned as I never saw a practical reason as to why 3D will be successful in the mass market. However, Ultra HD is more of a main feature than a side feature (one that I always saw 3D capability to be).

As such, almost like a ritual, I went on home to do the one thing most natural to me – I went to do some research. I thought it would be good to share my findings with everyone. 🙂

*As the thought the inspired by LG, I contacted LG to get some more information regarding the Ultra HD televisions.

How Much Better is Ultra HD?

First and foremost, I went to find out the difference between Ultra HD and the current mainstream standard of full HD of 1080p.

What I found was that the difference is very simple but amazingly desirable.

By definition, Ultra HD (3840 X 2160), also known as 4K resolution, is a resolution that is 4 times higher than full HD (1920 X 1080). While current full HD televisions delivers 2MP video quality, Ultra HD will allow you to enjoy 8MP video quality.

However, viewing distance is also as important as the number of pixels on the screen. With the increased number of pixels of an Ultra HD screen, you will have to sit at a minimum distance of 1.6m from the screen to enjoy the full resolution.

At such a short distance, the video quality is truly life-like, especially if you think the television screen is a window. This was certainly true for some people when they got fooled by LG in one of the most creative promotional videos that I had seen in a while!

Any Other Reasons?

While resolution is ranked highest in my list of consideration for the question “Why Buy An Ultra HD Television?” We should also consider all the other features that most Ultra HD televisions have.

For starters, current iterations of Ultra HD televisions are enormous. They usually range between 55 and 64 inches, or take  a massive leap forward to 84 inches. All of which are quite daunting in presence.

Everything else pretty much varies according to the various brands, however, I noticed that nearly all of them have 3D and/or smart TV capabilities, are incredible thin and beautiful, and without a question of a doubt, can compliment and beautify your living/bed room.


The LG LA9700 Ultra HD TV (picture above) that I was most impressed, even came with a forward-facing Sliding Speaker that can remain both hidden or visible depending on your preference while still delivering excellent sound either way.

I am a minimalist, so that feature is definitely something to look out for if you are like me. 😉

As all current Ultra HD televisions are at the very cutting edge of what consumers can buy, especially with that hefty price tag, be sure to check out and make as many unique selling points count, such as the Sliding speaker above, which is for a person like me.


At the beginning, I asked myself if Ultra HD was to be like 3D television – Cool, nice-to-have, didn’t always works, best to enjoy it at a friend’s house.

However, I believe this will not be the case here. I found that an Ultra HD viewing experience is much richer and much more enjoyable than the current main stream standard. And I definitely see myself getting one in the future.

Not only that, unlike the 3D ecosystem, the ecosystem that supports Ultra HD (4K) can already be seen slowly progressing into our everyday life. The adoption and standardisation of this new high standard can be found in movies, in video equipment, and even on YouTube – in which some videos can be played in 4K, such as this video of the Earth in 4K.

If you want a more detailed look to draw your own conclusion, do check out this great article by Techradar on Ultra HD and 4K: Everything you need to know.

Do you see an Ultra HD TV is your future? Let me know in the comment section before, or over at the OKJ Discoveries Facebook page!


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    i bought this television for my personal use and it is really cool and good tv to buy.

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