OKJ at LG G2 Mobile Photography Workshop (25/9/13) – With @AikBengChia

Hey everyone, thought you would appreciate some behind-the-scene look at the events I go to in order to deliver greater content for you to enjoy.
Unlike my other posts, the writing style for these event highlights will be more casual as I take you to the events I go to from a first person’s perspective.
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This event took place at night, in the newly refurbished Suntec City. This is quite poetic, as the “grand” entrance of the Suntec City Convention Centre will have you being greeted by this amazing sight.

Made possible with 664 LG screens.

Made possible with 664 LG screens.

The event was more of a workshop with Aik Beng Chia, a mobile photographer with over 13,000 followers on Instagram, conducting a workshop on how to get the most out of the LG G2 and its camera.

This, to me, is definitely a unique opportunity to see how a pro gets the most out of a smartphone camera, and what is impressive is that the photos that he had showcased through the workshop were all taken with the phone and enhanced using only the in-built editing software – No third party apps or photoshop. See them for yourself!

These photos are quite impressive, and really showed that the 13mp, 9 point auto-focus, optical image stablisation features of the LG G2 camera truly delivers on what it says on the pamphlet.

At first, I was even skeptical on whether post-production had been done to enhance the images when viewing it from the screen. This led to a conversation between Aik Beng and I, as we talked about the possibility of mobile photography. Personally, I was also curious on his story on why he got into mobile photography and how he was able to get such a strong following that is growing by the day.

This is his story.

Aik Beng Chia saw photography as a time to free himself from the world.

A personal time in which he could let go of what was going on around him and at work to essential take a break. He contemplated on purchasing a pro-consumer camera or a DSLR as his tool, but seeing how it was too expensive and that his smartphone camera (iPhone 2G) was sufficient, he went with that instead.

Diving into the space of street photography, Aik Beng Chia and his camera phone has produced many beautiful shots, some of which required a lot of time and patience – in other words, a lot of waiting for the moment.

In the above photo, he recounted how he had to wait for 45 minutes in an alley way in Arab Street to take a shot of the right subject to walk past, and that thanks to the LG G2 auto-focusing mechanism, that moment was not missed, if not the wait could have been much longer. Some of you might had thought that the subject was standing instead of walking. I had the same thought too.

Other photos had a more spontaneous nature. In the photo above of an abandoned soft toy near a street, Aik Beng recalled abandoning a drive home to take the picture and then proceeding to walk home himself.

Photos with human subjects also often come with great stories. While taking pictures of some of the human subjects, numerous stories were shared with Aik Beng, each as unique as the photo that comes out of it. Aik Beng also credits the LG Pocket Photo Printer for allowing him to print the photos he took on the spot to give the subject as a thanks.

I enjoyed the conversation I had with him. I asked if he had some advice to give to aspiring mobile photographers – it was to “Keep shooting” and “Try playing around with the settings and editing software to develop an eye for your personal style. There is no standard way of creating great photos, but there is a method in the madness.”

Do follow him on instragram (@AikBengChia) and if that is not enough, his work is now published in his book, Tonight The Street Are Ours.

Well I hope to have enjoyed this insight into mobile photography as well as my chat with Aik Beng Chia 🙂

As for the LG G2, it is already available in Singapore at a suggested retail price of S$898 and is available at all 3 telcos and authorised resellers.

Are you an aspiring mobile photographer, let everyone know my comment below or at the OKJ Discoveries facebook page, I think everyone who love to hear comments/advice/stories from you!


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