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Hey everyone, if you are free this weekend and looking for something to do with your family or friends, be sure to head down to Suntec City West Atrium. There you will find CyberShock, a public event where you will learn about national cyber security.

CyberShock aims to awaken Singaporeans to the likelihood of a cyber-attack affecting our lives, by bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds with the help of a LEGO city called THE NATION.

The NATION is very impressive, as you can see in the picture below!

OKJ at CyberShock (10)

This NATION is built using 168,277 LEGO pieces over 100 hours and equipped with light is changes according to how players perform at the 5 interactive stations.

The main reason to make this weekend a family day at Suntec or a break from the boring old weekend routine in Singapore is the 5 interactive stations.

Each represents 5 essential services of a nation and have their own story.

  • Financial Services (Bank Heist): The Federal Bank’s online security system has been hacked.  In the confusion, a vault has been opened.  Secure The Nation’s financial resources by matching the revolving digits with the numerical code.
  • Telecommunication Services (Telco Blitz): The national telecommunications system has been infiltrated.  Lines have been cut off.  Policemen, foremen and paramedics can’t be deployed to critical areas.  Your job: gain mastery of the switchboard nodes to reconnect the lines.
  • Power (Power Assault): A cyber attack on the National Power Company has blacked-out key parts of The Nation.  The energy supply to our national hospitals has been jeopardized.  Your job: match the icons to keep the power generators running.
  • Water (Water Siege): Control systems to The Nations water reclamation plants are under cyber attack.  The water supply has been paralyzed.  Levels must be restored to extinguish fires that have broken out in buildings.
  • Transport (Airport Attack): The system at Air Traffic Control has been hacked.  Aircraft are maintaining a holding pattern in the sky and are running low on fuel.  They need your guidance to land safely so casualties can be avoided.

Each interaction station consists of a specific mini-game and multiple choices.

Complete any of the 5 interactive stations and you will be eligible for a lucky draw – You may win a McAfee Anti-virus program or an iPad Mini. (I didn’t win it, but hopefully you do!)

OKJ at CyberShock (7)

These games are not a walk in the park, and with a grand prize of US$2,000 for the top overall scorer, it shouldn’t be. Each game is well designed, and the questions will definitely make you learn about cyber security. If you need practice, you should head over to the “Let’s Stand Together” facebook page, where all the games are available!

OKJ at CyberShock (14)

For those who are bringing their kids, the large LEGO area is there for your kids to enjoy themselves. I’m 20 years old, but I will never forget how much fun LEGOs has given me.

The event will last until 6 October 2013 (Sunday), and is the first of three events for the “Let’s Stand Together” campaign, with another event focusing on Pandemics to be held in November 2013 and Terrorism in January 2014.

“Let’s Stand Together” is built around the idea of a “collective cause”, where people are encouraged to stand together to protect themselves and their community against security threats and stand together for the common good. I am used to seeing government initiated campaigns, but after this event, I must say the standard of engagement and learn value is definitely improving!

I went to the event with a mindset that it would be all knowledge, some fun. I had more fun than I thought possible, and am sincerely looking forward to the other 2 events! Do make a trip down there if you can – you will leave with a smile like the one I am wearing right now. If you followed my instagram (@OKJDiscoveries), you would know!


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