OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch – BlackBerry Enters The Phablet Market

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Most news you hear this days regarding BlackBerry is quite depressing, as the one great brand synonymous with business, security, and privacy finds itself at the bottom after having fallen from grace.

The whole year of 2012 was dedicated to come up with a way to get back on track – the result being the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 with the all new BlackBerry OS 10. However, they failed to regain their lost market share, and just a quick Google search will tell you the state in which BlackBerry is in right now.

OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch (5)

That being said, with BlackBerry’s launch of the Z30, I was intrigued about BlackBerry’s entrant to the phablet market and was lucky enough to be able to be invited to the event. (Thanks to you whose views help me get such opportunities.)

In familiar fashion, BlackBerry still firmly believes that it belongs in the pockets of serious workers who are always on the move or demand the most from a productivity standpoint.

OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch (1)

And the venue of this launch echoed that, as it was at a discrete meeting rooms known as the “Port of Call” at Fullerton Bay Hotel which is in the vicinity of the Central Business District.

The largest among all the BlackBerry models, the BlackBerry Z30 also has the biggest battery of 2880mAh battery, a major improvement over that of the Z10, which only houses a mere 1800mAh.

OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch (6)

This is due to the Z30 having an non-removable battery, though the back can still be taken off if you want to use some of the accessories available, such as a flip cover.

OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch (11)

The BlackBerry Z30 is in many ways the successor of the BlackBerry Z10, as it includes multiple improvements over the original BlackBerry OS 10 device. With BlackBerry OS 10.2, the Z30 is simply a more productive device with BlackBerry Priority Hub, where you can manage all your conversations and notifications in one place with the ability to prioritise specific information such as email or message.

OKJ at BlackBerry Z30 Launch (14)

Other key features and refinements include Stereo Audio which produces better audio than previous BlackBerry devices and BlackBerry Natural Sound which makes BBM Voice and BBM Voice chats sound more natural and realistic by enhancing the variations and nuances in tone. Those constantly on the go to places with less than ideal connectivity will appreciate the New Antenna Technology that dynamically tunes reception, resulting in better connectivity in low signal areas and faster data transfers.

BlackBerry’s future is uncertain at best, but for those loyal to the brand, you should definitely consider the phone – no matter if whether this is their last swing of the bat or not.

For more information, do visit the official BlackBerry Z30 website.


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