Smart City Kaohsiung Contest

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Smart City Kaohsiung Contest Featured ImageOn 23 October 2013, 11:00pm (SIN), Discovery Channel will be premiering a one-shot special documentary on Kaohsiung – Taiwan’s second largest city – and how the once a heavy industrial city has transformed into a dynamic, forward-thinking metropolis through the hands of tech-savvy inventors, local entrepreneurs and visionary architects.

In line with the premiere, Discovery Channel is giving fans a chance to win a trip to Kaohsiung with round-trip airfare and accommodation for 3 nights in a 4-star hotel in Kaohsiung).

All you have to do is to watch the program and describe what interests you about the city and why do you want to visit Kaohsiung in 80 words of less.

Head over to the official “Smart City: Kaohsiung” contest website now! Do note that the contest ends 1 November 2013.


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