Wildlife Reserves Singapore Invites Parents For Special Day Out

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Wildlife-Reserves-Singapore-Invites-Parents-For-Special-Day-Out-Featured-ImageWildlife Reserves Singapore is calling on all parents to head down to the Singapore Zoo with their child on 9 November 2013 (Saturday), 8:30am to 4:00pm for a very special family day out – an program in line with the National Story Writing Competition that is jointly organized by Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL).

There you can get to enjoy an exclusive guided tour around the Zoo, listen in to interesting stories about the Singapore Zoo’s animal personalities such as Ah Meng, the celebrity utan, go for a wild hunt and grab the rare opportunity to pick up tips from Dr Tan Chee Lay, Deputy Executive Director, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, to help your child to write creatively.

While I am one who have not master the Chinese Language, this seems to be a great way to instill that interest that forms the foundation to pick up on one’s mandarin. Definitely beats out the usual textbook.

WRS also encourages those planning to go for the event to create a picture story together with their child for submission, which will entitle them to a gift pack.

While the program is free, Zoo admission still applies. THe program will be conducted in both English and Chinese.

If you are free, this is definitely an excellent option to consider to spend your Saturaday with your family.

To register, head on over to the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language website.


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