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Moga Pro Controller Grip


The Moga Pro controller by PowerA aims to break the limitations of touchscreens and improve the mobile game experience. With ever improving quality of the games available, the touchscreen is increasingly inadequate get the most out of high quality games. I find out if the Moga Pro controller succeeds in breaking the limitations or is it merely a glimpse of what the future can be.


Moga Pro Specifications

Hardware Design

At first glance, the Moga Pro controller looks very similar to the Xbox controller.

I sure am not complaining, because the Xbox controller is, by many, the best gaming controller out there, so it’s great that the Moga Pro controller’s design take its lead from it.

The buttons and analog sticks are of high quality, and never felt as though as it was cheap. A button at the back even toggles the backlight of the A/B/X/Y buttons.

The rubberised grips mean a tight secure hold for intense gaming sessions – no matter how sweaty your hands get.

Your android smartphone will also be well secured with the Moga Arm, which uses friction rather than force to hold the phone in place. This means that even if buttons on the side of your phone comes in contact with the Moga Arm, there will not be enough force to trigger them. If you are concerned about how secure the hold is, I tried shaking my smartphone off vigouriously and failed – I tried it so you don’t have to, though you can still do it if you want to.

All android smartphones, except for the incredibly large Sony Xperia Z Ultra, will fit in the Moga Arm.



Before using the Moga Pro controller, you will need to download the Moga Pivot App.

Unlike the well built hardware design, I am slightly disappointed by the design of the app. It looked aged and felt that it could be smoother in terms of the navigation.

Using the app, one can find moga-enhanced games through the catalog, there are plenty of games, with more coming in every day. Notable mentions include Asphalt 8, N.O.V.A. 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City – all of them lay at the top and represent the best of what mobile gaming can be. Not surprisingly, the notable mentions are paid apps, but if there are also free apps that are of equal quality – check out Dead Trigger, Dungeon Hunter 4 and Six-Guns.

Moga Pro Controller Close Up

Game Play Experience

The Moga Pro controller’s main purpose is to improve your mobile game play to the level of console quality gaming, and it delivers! Game play was smooth and precise, though lag can still be seen occasionally – but with such an precise controls that ensures every bullet hits your target.

If you have a tablet or a bigger screen, that’s even better! With the included tablet stand and the Moga Pro being HID enabled, game play just keeps getting better, and in the case of the screen size, bigger.

Moga Pro Controller Tablet Stand

Wrapping It Up

At the start of review, I asked if the Moga Pro controller has succeeded in breaking the limitations of touchscreen for game play or is it merely a glimpse of what the future can be?

I’d say it is both. The Moga Pro controller has indeed succeeded, taking mobile game play to a whole new level. At the same time, it is also a glimpse of what the future can and will be.

As huge titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Final Fantasy XIV getting mobile app companions, you can be sure the future of mobile gaming is incredible, and I do not expect to see it the same as it is now in 5 years time.

And while it is questionable that future smartphones will be well equipped to unleash the full potential of the increasing standards of mobile games, it is reassuring that there are solid third party hardware support. Now just think the possibilities when companies like Sony decides that the PS Vita is no longer needed given the increasing processing power of smartphones and create a gaming accessory for it, much like the Moga Pro controller.

And it certainly can be done – Sony created an entire lens module that turns your phone essential into a high powered camera, so it could only be a matter of time.

Other Reviews

This section exists to acknowledge that fact that no matter how good a review is, it is definitely wise to seek other reviews and make your own judgement before making a purchase. Here are some other quality reviews of the Moga Pro:


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