Watch Documentary on Comet ISON This Sunday on National Geographic Channel

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Watch-Documentary-on-Comet-ISON-This-Sunday-on-National-Geographic-ChannelAfter a year in the making, National Geographic Channel has announced the co-production of Comet of the Century from Darlow Smithson Productions.

What makes this documentary special is its documentation of a once-in-a-lifetime event of comet ISON as it prepares its death-defying trek around the Sun.

With breath-taking images captured using cutting edge technology and the world’s most complex and high-tech telescopes, you will be getting one of the best front row seat to view the comet in all its majesty while also learning more about comet ISON’s origins, insights from world-class scientists and the secrets hidden on and beneath ISON’s surface.

If that does not pull you in, the fact that this could be the last time we see comet ISON will. The documentary will dive into what will happen on its trajectory around the Sun, where it could be drawn into the Sun and be engulfed or be sling shot back, in which we will be able to see the comet again in early December.

Before its premiere this Sunday (24 November 2013) at 10:00pm, check out these fact facts on what you need to know about the “Dirty Snowball” of the Cosmos.

comet ISON fast facts

Do also check out a 30-second preview of Comet of the Century over at the National Geographic Channel Singapore Facebook Page.


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