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Moga Pocket Controller Full


The Moga Pocket controller by PowerA is the portable alternative to the bigger console controller sized Moga Pro Controller. You should check out my review of the Moga Pro controller which I did a week ago for a side by side comparison.

Most of the time portability is achieved with sacrifices done to other aspects like performance. I find out if this is the case with the Moga Pocket controller and if so, what are they.


Moga Pocket Specifications

Moga Pocket Controller Side

Hardware Design

The Moga Pocket controller is definitely portable by design, with its length and width similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Unlike the Moga Pro controller, the Moga Pocket has no directional-pad, no shoulder buttons, and is non-rechargeable – requiring 2 AAA batteries to power it. The buttons and analog sticks are also less pronounced to make the profile of the controller as slim as possible.

Because of this, the Moga Pocket controller less ergonomic as compared to its larger alternative. However, with the rubberised back and the curved trigger buttons, comfort is not heavily promised, and I still found it acceptable to play it even while on the move and after an hour of play.



Before using the Moga Pocket controller, you will need to download the Moga Pivot App.

Unlike the well built hardware design, I am slightly disappointed by the design of the app. It looked aged and felt that it could be smoother in terms of the navigation.

Using the app, one can find moga-enhanced games through the catalog, there are plenty of games, with more coming in every day. Notable mentions include Asphalt 8, N.O.V.A. 3 and Grand Theft Auto Vice City – all of them lay at the top and represent the best of what mobile gaming can be. Not surprisingly, the notable mentions are paid apps, but if there are also free apps that are of equal quality – check out Dead Trigger, Dungeon Hunter 4 and Six-Guns.

Moga Pocket Controller Close Up

Game Play Experience

The Moga Pocket controller’s main purpose is to improve your mobile game play to the level of console quality gaming. Despite the slimmer profile, the Moga Pocket still delivers on this. Game play was smooth and precise, though it must be said that at times, there are more instances of lag than compared to the Moga Pro controller.

However, because of the redesigned slim profile of the analog sticks, precision of the controls are lesser compared to the Moga Pro. It is slightly harder to aim for a headshot using the Moga Pocket.

To bring your game play experience to the level, you should consider purchasing the Moga tablet stand accessory to ensure game play with your tablet or a HID cable to connect your HID enabled smartphone to your HID enabled TV for a true console experience. Both are not included with the controller however, which is disappointing as the Moga Pro controller comes with the tablet stand.

Moga Pocket Controller In Bag

Wrapping It Up

The Moga Pocket is portable, certainly much more so than the Moga Pro. However, like many other devices before it, the pursuit of portability was made with some sacrifice. Precision of the controls was lesser than the Moga Pro, and so was the ergonomics. However, it was not as bad as it could be, and for those who value portability over performance, the Moga Pocket will be for you. It is not as good as the Moga Pro in the performance aspect – but the difference is like 9/10 for the Moga Pro and 8/10 for the Moga Pocket.

In other words, for many of you, it might not even matter.

Other Reviews

This section exists to acknowledge that fact that no matter how good a review is, it is definitely wise to seek other reviews and make your own judgement before making a purchase. Here are some other quality reviews of the Moga Pocket:


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