MBS Art Science Museum Competes Head On with Science Centre Singapore with Dinosaurs

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MBS-Art-Science-Museum-Competes-Head-On-with-Science-Centre-Singapore-with-Dinosaurs-Featured-ImageDinosaurs are picking up the pace when it comes to invading the Singapore scene.

We got ‘The Lost World’ at Universal Studios Singapore, the upcoming Walking with Dinosaurs 3D movie, the recent launch Science Centre Singapore’s Titans of the Past exhibition and now, Marina Bay Sands had announced that the Art Science Museum will be home to these incredible creatures next year.

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction will be Southeast Asia’s biggest dinosaur exhibition when it launches on 25 January 2014.

(Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

(Credit: Marina Bay Sands)

You will be brought back to the Precambrian, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous prehistoric period with 400 fossils and models and over 50 original artworks occupying over 3,700 square meters of floor space!

Much like how the ‘Titans of the Past’ exhibition is made up of 2 international travelling dinosaur exhibitions (which you can find out more in my feature linked here), ‘Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction’ is a combination of 4 exhibitions from the renowned American Museum of Natural History, San Juan National Science Museum, SCI! Expo at Monash University and artist Peter Trusler.

(Credit: San Juan National Science Museum)

(Credit: San Juan National Science Museum)

The exhibition will feature some of the oldest dinosaur fossils ever discovered as well as some never before seen by the public.

Key fossils on display includes a 18-metre long Apatosaurus, a 17.6-metre long Lessemsaurus sauropod specimen, a 2 billion year old rock (Banded Iron Formation) and a new fossil of Adeopapposaurs discovered in Argentina just 3 months ago.

The exhibition also is touted to be highly interactive. Visitors can download a free app called “ArtScience Museum: Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction” (available from mid-December) onto their smartphones to personalise their dinosaur experience with interactive and educational features specifically rendered for different segments of the exhibition.

The app will also called have a mini game “Rex Race” which will allow visitors to race their virtual dinosaurs to the museum in the shortest possible time. It will be interesting to see how this really places out in reality.

With 2 incredible dinosaur themed exhibitions, each with their own unique selling points, I definitely plan on comparing them first hand and reporting on the comparison. But ultimately, no matter the difference, if you are a dinosaur lover, there will be just one thing on you mind.


Check out my full review and comparison of the 2 exhibition right here!


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