National Geographic teases Destination Wild

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While everyone is busy celebrating New Year’s Eve, National Geographic Channel is back preparing for what seems to be another great year ahead.

To kick 2014 off with a bang, Nat Geo had teased the following cover photo.

Destination Wild, as from what I can gather, is a collection of signature documentaries that celebrates the wonders and mysterious of the natural world.

Wildlife lovers will rejoice that this series will bring them to the 4 corners of the world and then some hidden ones in a way that only Nat Geo knows how.

The first episode that will premiere on Janurary 5 will be about Africa’s most mysterious, dangerous and biggest river – the Wild Congo.

Expect to see Forest Elephants, Lowland Gorillas and never before filmed underwater beasts in the second largest river in the world!

For more information regarding the show, check out the National Geographic Channel Destination Wild website.

[Source: National Geographic Channel Asia Facebook Page]


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