Ocean Dreams: Sleep with the fishes at RWS Marine Life Park


The S.E.A. Aquarium of Marine Life Park is a mystifying place that puts the wonder of the ocean front and centre.

I visited the venue twice before and I always have the feeling of never having enough time to go through the entire aquarium, especially as each section just grabs your attention and don’t let go.

Do you know that feeling? If so, then the Ocean Dreams program is just what you need.

Journey through the rich history of Asian maritime and be guided through the multi-world recording breaking S.E.A. Aquarium, learning all about the wonders of the sea and its inhabitants – sharks, dolphins and coral reefs.

Go behind the scenes to see how the fishes are fed and to top it all off, a night spent at the Open Ocean Habitat – though I guess the last thing I would do is sleep.

For more information about the Ocean Dreams program, visit the Marine Life Park blog now!


About Ong Kah Jing

Just a guy wanting to talk about the wonders and facts like a vending machine that gives you a coca cola every time you hug it

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