Corporation Primary School library goes digital


An e-library they can call their own – that’s the statement that pupils from Corporation Primary will have the privilege to say when the school becomes the first in Singapore to have its own digital library up-and-running by the end of March.

The school’s lower primary pupils will get to enjoy the initial 5,000 fictional and non-fictional e-books as part of the pilot scheme – this adding to the 28,000 physical books available in the school library.

Positive results and feedback over the next year may see this benefit extend to the rest of the pupils.

This is likely to be the case as a digital library has got plenty of benefits over that of a physical one. Popular books will no-longer be made unavailable to those who were “late”.

Teachers can also now better integrate the school library to their teaching curriculumĀ and style – with the digital library classifying the e-books based on reading ages.

Such e-books can also be accessed during class, not to mention on computers and smartphones outside of school.

For the pupils who want to take a step into the world of writing, the Corporation Primary digital library will be their platform, providing them with the opportunity to publish their stories onto the system to be read by others.

This initiative is one in a growing wave of educational innovation that embraces the digital age.

For instance, the National Library Board’s (NLB) e-book collection currently tallies at a stunning 3.2million titles, up from a mere 10,000 when it first began in 2001.

Statistics regarding the loans/views of such e-books were also encouraging, with it standing at 8.2 million loans/views from April 2012 to March 2013. That is nearly double that of what was recorded over the same period the year before.


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